Your Car and Garage are Extensions of Your Home

Security for Home and Vehicle

Consider the fact that the security of your automobile has a lot to do with your personal security and the safety of your family. Every time you go between your home and your car or your garage without a security alarm in place, you run a security risk. When you park in a parking lot and have to fumble for keys you waste possible precious minutes.

Today’s car alarm systems were once the stuff of James Bond movies, but now many come in do-it-yourself kits with lavish extra features that can make your car a moving brick house.

Car Alarm Systems

A car alarm system is not one component, but the sum of a few or many depending upon your budget and needs. At the very least a basic car alarms triggers a noisy siren or your car’s horn when a point of entry is breached while the system is armed. A criminal could open the trunk, the hood or break a window and the alarm sounds.

More sophisticated systems bundle in other features, including

Car Security Locks

An integral part of any good home or car security system is a good set of locks. What is left unlocked can easily be broken into. Doors and windows offer thieves little resistance in most cases.

Popular car locking devices that provide added security:

Car Security Accessories

Other accessories offer you peace of mind and more control over your car’s security features. Add-on remote starters, GPS tracking devices, proximity sensors and even keep a car safe securely cabled to the interior of your car. Stow work documents, laptops and electronic devices, and guns and firearms in steel car safes.

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