Portable Safe for Your Car

Keep Vehicle Valuables Secure on the Road and at Home

Secure safes protect your valuables at home, so why not in your car? Portable car safes are similar to those designed for in-home use, but are more compact and built to fit in tighter, covert spots, inside your truck or car as well as to be secured to some part of the vehicle. Safes for use on the road may hold small laptops, firearms or gun, high-end electronics and any important documents you’re traveling with or need to have on board.

Thieves thrive on these types of goods, often left visible inside your car. Other typical and not so secure hiding spots:

None of these locations provides reliable security. A glove box is easily broken into, any experienced thief will surely check under your seats and once someone is inside the trunk is quickly unlatched.

Office on the Go, Secured

Consider the traveling salesman or professional that works primarily out of his or her car. Depending upon the type of work he or she does it’s safe to say the likelihood of important papers and computer and data devices is high. A portable and securable safe is well suited to this type of situation.

Why a Car Safe?

Car safes are different from a small home safe in that they usually feature a fastening device, maybe a locking cable that may be used to lanyard the safe to the interior frame of the vehicle. This makes it difficult to simply break in and snatch it. Put a plain home safe in your car and it is not protected adequately from thieves. The more you can deter a crime the less likely it is to be successful.

Portable safes designed for cars may be taken with you and secured inside hotel rooms, your RV, and your home or apartment.

Gun Safety in the Home and on the Road

One of the most popular uses for a car safe is to store a gun safely and securely. Whether it’s for personal protection or for work this poses a huge risk to both yourself and to your family members if left unsecured. A car safe gives you the peace of mind that your gun is safe at all times and also not likely to fall into the wrong hands.

Car safes are constructed of heavy duty steel or aluminum with combination locks and steel cable lanyards easily secured with a heavy duty security padlock.

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