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Keyless Entry for Hands-free Operation

If you think a keyless entry device for your car is only a convenience then you haven’t thought how it might help keep you safer near and around home. Your car, your garage and your driveway are an extension of your home and deserving of the same security and safety considerations you give your home proper. Keyless entry devices are just one of the many options that help make your home safer.

Why Keyless Entry?

One obvious argument in favor of an auto keyless entry device is its convenience in bad weather—snow, wind, and rain primarily. Unlock your doors well before you even reach your car and save yourself the chore of manually unlocking it. But how could a keyless entry device add to your safety and security?

The ability to unlock your door in a dark or secluded area without hunting for the physical door lock can give you a big advantage when security is a risk. This is particularly applicable around home.

Points of entry, the doors and windows around your home, all offer potential intruders easy access particularly when they are unlocked and unarmed. Your car doors are the same. These are critical points of entry for criminals and you could be right in their sights if you are unable to unlock your car door.

Car Alarms and Other Safety Devices

Many keyless entry devices come bundled with other car safety appliances such as alarms and remote starters, which offer increased safety and resistance to vandals and criminals. For example, remote starters usually offer an instant kill button and a mechanism that disables “hot wires.”

Car Safety at Home

During the course of planning for your home security system, remember to include strategies that extend to your garage and car. Consider adding outside motion-detector lights that effectively illuminate your garage, driveway and other dark areas. Simple and low-cost devices like these can be effective deterrents to criminals that might feel secure and brave lurking in blind or dark spots around the perimeter of your home or driveway.

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