Types of Vehicle Proximity Sensors

Devices for Personal Safety and Vehicle Security

Proximity sensors for your vehicle come in two main types: reverse backing and anti-intrusion motion detectors. Both help ensure your family’s safety and security, but operate in slightly different ways.

Reverse Backing Systems

Sometimes your home’s driveway is a veritable obstacle course of kids’ toys, visitors’ cars and more. What if you could ensure the safety of your family in and around your driveway area? Remember, your home security strategy should extend to outdoor “living” areas like the garage, driveway and kids’ play areas. But if your alarm and security system stops and starts at your front door then you are neglecting many more potential security and safety risks that could happen just outside, specifically in areas adjacent to car and garage.

Heard those heart-breaking stories in which a stressed out mother or father backed the car over a child playing their own driveway? Could have been prevented with a proximity sensor, sometimes called a reverse backing system, a security device installed in your car that monitors obstacles behind or alongside your vehicle while it’s in motion. So when you put the car in reverse you can be confident that if your system senses a body or obstacle, it will trigger an audible alarm, chime, buzz or other alert in plenty of time to avoid a tragedy.

And if you have a high-end car alarm system installed you might even have a proximity sensor included as part of the package.

Anti-Intrusion Proximity Motion Detectors

But anti-intrusion proximity motion detectors provide a layer of protection specifically aimed at criminals and intruders. Anytime the infrared motion sensors sense a warm body close to the secured/armed vehicle, an audible warning is sounded. These devices are particularly useful for high-end vehicles or those that have security limitations.

Car Alarm Kits and Packages

You’ll find that if you’re in the market for a proximity detector that plenty of car alarm systems bundle a number of valuable security applications together including one or more of the following:

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