Start Your Car with a Secure Remote Starter

Security at Home or On the Road

Home security doesn’t necessarily end at your front door. When you go out to the garage or to your car at any time of day you want the peace of mind that you get with your home security system. So how do you make your vehicle a safe extension of your home?

In recent years automatic car alarms, GPS devices, keyless entry and remote starters have come on the market as affordable standalone products or as full car safety kits. What kind of remote starter should you buy, what’s available and how effective is it at deterring a criminal?

Types of Remote Car Starters

Remote car starters are available from hordes of automobile product and parts manufacturers in a range of styles, models, price points and with various basic and advanced features. Many systems come bundled with an alarm and/or keyless entry. Other standard and available security features include:

Expect to pay between $150 and $300 for a solid quality system that can be specifically programmed for your vehicle’s make, model and year.

Most remote starters feature a remote range within 2000 feet or just outside your home or place of business. But higher tech – and more costly – products will allow you to start your car as far as a mile away.

Benefits of a car remote starter include personal safety and security and in very cold climates there is the additional protection from dangerous weather.

Remote Starter Installation

Unless you are experienced with auto repair you might consider hiring a professional auto systems installer or auto parts store to install an automatic remote car starting system. Again, most systems come bundled with additional devices that add increased levels of security to a remote start system, particularly anti-theft kill buttons that even disable hot-wire options.

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