Accessorize Your Car Alarm System

Tailgate Locks

In the war on car thieves an array of car alarms and accessories has been developed, including tailgate locks. Believe it or not thieves target truck tailgates, either for the gate specifically or to plunder what’s inside a truck bed otherwise secured with a cap or tonneau cover.

Construction professionals, sports enthusiasts, fishermen, boaters, all often have thousands of dollars worth of equipment and gear in their truck beds. Without a secure tailgate your gear could be robbed in seconds, jobs lost, money down the drain you could have avoided had you secured your truck bed properly.

Home Security and Tailgate Locks

How do tailgate locks help keep your home and family safer and more secure? If you think your home security system stops at your home’s physical perimeter, you are missing a significant chunk of your property and personal belongings. Your garage, driveway, car, boat, tractor and any other personal asset are all up for grabs by thieves and intruders. In fact, the very presence of such personal property is an open invitation, unless you keep it all under lock and key and secure it with a burglar alarm system.

Understand that the exterior of your home is an important extension of your security system and you will keep your home and family much more safe from potential harm and personal loss. You can help deter vandals and thieves by installing adequate motion activated outdoor lighting, locks on your garage and high quality car alarms, keyless entry and even remote starters.

Installation and Cost

Many models of tailgate lock guarantee easy installation, but unless you’re handy with auto body modifications you might wish to hire a professional to install this device. This way you ensure it’s done properly and works the way it’s intended.

Expect to spend between $45 and $65 for manual locks and close to $100 for power models. Tamperproof models are also available and feature more durable components. These security devices lock in unison with power door locks and are virtually indestructible.

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