Windows and Doors as Part of Your Home Security

Assault-Proof Doors, Impact-Resistant Windows

Doors and windows are primary entry points for intruders. These points of entry offer the least resistance, therefore their security is one of the primary goals of any home security system or burglar alarm.

Modified Doors

Security doors are designed to provide a much higher level of resistance to intrusion or impact than traditional residential doors. Types of security doors include:

Security Windows

Is there such a thing as a security window? Windows are common points of entry, simply because they offer the least resistance to intruders. In the case of blasts and impacts, glass shatters fairly easily immediately offering entry or making your home a safety hazard.

Security windows can be fitted with laminated glass or types of glass designed to withstand high impacts whether from weapons and intruders or from natural or manmade disasters.

Door Locks

Don’t overlook the resistance provided even by a vandal-proof high quality door lock. Doors can be retrofitted with security designed locks and mechanisms or should be included with security doors:

Only when doors and windows are kept locked does your security system work properly.

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