Secret and Hidden Home Passages, Doorways, and Covert Rooms

Home Security for the Elite

Secret passages, hidden doors and concealed rooms have historically been the stuff of detective and mystery novels. And while they are low-tech, they are anything but low-cost. The sliding secret panels and built in passages and secret rooms are the specialty of very unique builders and construction companies. If you’re a particularly savvy do-it-yourselfer chances are you could also manage to install a mechanical secret door and disguise a secret room.

In all seriousness, though, covert home enclosures are suitable to not just the highly imagined, but for homeowners with real security concerns and family to protect.

In most instances any form of concealed doorways or secret escape routes would be a last resort. On the front lines a highly developed home security system designed to deter, repel and resist any of a number of natural or artificial assaults would already be in place.

Components of Hidden Doors and Concealed Rooms

Any time you have something concealed there must also be mechanical structures to move walls or other structural features and then a closing mechanism that automatically returns structures to their seamless undisrupted state. In other words: if you have a secret door built into a wall panel in your living room or at the back of a bedroom closet the apparatus that opens it must also close it back and secure it without question.

Innovative security solutions like this generally require sophisticated engineering combined with a unique level of creativity and vision. But unless a secret passage or hidden room is only to be of anecdotal significance it must also be tested for ironclad security. If you are disappearing into a hidden escape tunnel or a protected concealed room, then your life is at risk; no room for mechanical failure. For this reason you can expect to spend many thousands of dollars for a customized secure and secret escape route designed either to convey your family to safety or support their immediate survival until help can arrive.

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