Security Screen Doors

Make Your Home More Secure

Typically you don’t equate security with a screen door. And in particular seasons of the year a screen door open to the outside is the only way to go. So this may be why secure screen doors have become so in-demand. You still want all the freedom of an open doorway, but you want assurance that your family will be secure to some degree.

How Can Screen Doors Be Made Secure?

Traditional screen doors are rather flimsy constructions either of wood or aluminum. Wide panels of rust-prone screen are fitted into simple grooves and secured with rubber gasket—not much between you and the outside. Security screen doors are often constructed of one piece of steel with panels of bars or decorative cut-away designs behind which is the screening. Doors are made to be rust and weatherproof. Hardware is hidden or recessed to resist tampering and locks and deadbolts are designed to hold securely in the jamb.

Special security enhanced screen is also possible on some models. From the outside the screen is undetectable, the door appears solid. On the inside you get all the benefits of traditional screen – visibility plus air-flow.

For homeowners interested in doors that don’t scream security most manufacturers provide a range of standard sizes and designs as well as a selection of custom designs and durable paint colors.

Benefits of Installing a Security Screen Door

Benefits of replacing an old screen door with one that offers more security and protection:

Of course no door regardless of material is effective unless it’s locked and/or armed with an alarm. Today’s security screen doors no longer latch with a hook and eye, but with some of the same high quality locking systems as those you find on exterior doors.

Integrate Security Screen Doors with Home Security Systems

Regardless of how secure a screen door you buy and install it still is not a sure security system. Integrate screen doors with a full-scale home security system that safeguards your home, family and property on multiple levels:

Perimeter security including doors and windows

Interior security and detection devices like motion detectors and portable alarms

A screen door remains a path of least resistance, but when you make the choice to install one with security in mind make sure to keep it locked whenever possible.

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