How to Secure Your Home's Windows

Strengthen Weak Entry Points

Doors and windows—especially windows—offer typically little resistance to break-ins. For this reason they are a top priority in the planning and development of a home security or burglar alarm system. Security bars are a logical step if you live where break-ins are almost a given, but they can be unsightly and dangerous if improperly installed and maintained. What other options do you have for security windows in your home?

You can approach window security in a number of ways:

Protection from the Elements

Windows are prone to destruction particularly during storms and natural disasters. Typical run-of-the-mill glass shatters easily and hardly wards off the effects of sunlight’s harmful rays, high wind or tree branches and other flying debris. Even nearby construction blasts can threaten window glass.

Types of security glass coatings:

Protection from Intruders

If you’re really committed to securing your homes’ windows from human attack consider real security windows:

High risk homeowners usually hire security specialists, contracting companies that specialize in customizing and securing a home and property, only part of which involves windows.

Types of Security Glass

Assault-proof security windows come outfitted with any one of a range of security glass grades. When you choose windows you should consider your environment:

The more vulnerable your windows and your risk for attack the more durable and resistant you’ll want your windows to be.

Grades of security glass are often rated on the levels of testing to which they are subjected including height tests and impact tests. You’ll discover many metrics such as glass thickness, glass weight and types of laminates and films, all of which contribute to the overall security value or rating.

Security Window Intrusion Detection

What happens if your security windows don’t repel a human assault? Once your home’s security perimeter has been compromised you better hope you have a next level of security on which to rely. Glass breakage detectors, window alarms and motion detectors are the devices that serve to alert you to forced entry. These are alarms only and not designed to secure anything. They make noise when triggered and when configured into a whole home security system automatically notify your security monitoring company.

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