Security Closet Doors, Residential Vaults and Safe Rooms

Make a Closet Into a Bank Vault

What happens if an intruder or burglar makes it past your home’s security perimeter—he’s inside now. And you have a closet full of valuable jewelry, a high-tech home office stuffed with high-end computing and data equipment, firearms, or some other collection of very valuable items. Most fireproof and waterproof home safes are too small to accommodate a room’s worth of valuables.

Vault doors and secure “closet” doors are the next best thing to keeping your valuables and private documents locked in a bank vault.

A Vault Door Like a Bank’s

While not for everyone a real vault door provides a functional solution that most homegrown burglars are just not prepared to challenge. Residential vault and mega-security closet doors are not for the financial feint of heart; expect to spend at the very least about $2,000.

Features of vault doors:

A Creative Secret Door Solution

Since a vault door could only invite attack, many home security gurus suggest sneaking a vault door in behind a closet door or better yet, hiding it at the very back of a real closet. Keep your locked up valuables safe AND secret.

Levels of Home Security

If you’re going to the trouble to install a home safe room or a hidden vault door then do yourself and family a favor and layout a practical and comprehensive total home security plan. By the time a burglar has reached your secure closet he’s already bypassed any number of security perimeters, including your exterior perimeter and your interior. If your home security system offers least resistance via entryways—doors and windows—consider securing those points of entry as well.

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