Security Devices that Keep Seniors Safe at Home

Measures You can Take to Increase Home Security

Do you have a senior living at home with you and your family?

Are you a senior living alone or a senior couple?

Seniors face unique home safety risks above and beyond the typical security concerns:

No, not all seniors run all of these risks, but as we age we fall prey to outside forces we may not be aware of.

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Here are a few tips for keeping yourself or a senior family member safer while in and around home.

Trips and falling hazards - Take a good look around your home:

Anti-Intrusion Devices

Home Hazard Alarms for Seniors

Medical Emergencies and Security Systems

In recent years there has been a big growth in the use of medical alert monitoring services in the home, both as part of a home security system or as a standalone monitoring service. Medical alerts combine two components, a base monitoring station that transmits to a central monitoring center and a wireless wearable device—usually a button-activated pendant, wristwatch or clip on device that lets you quickly send a distress signal to your monitoring company in the event of a sudden medical emergency.

Understand the unique home safety and security risks that face seniors and what simple steps you can take to safeguard against them.

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