Hazards In and Around Your Home

Types of Dangers and How to Deal with Them

In and around your home there are many types of hazards and safety dangers that pose potential threats to your family’s welfare. They include:

Criminal Hazards

Home invasions, criminal trespass and theft can be best deterred with a home security system. Basic home burglar alarms and theft deterrent systems typically include:

More sophisticated systems include everything from glass break detectors to security cameras.

And many home security systems even let you add-on monitors and detectors that warn of key home safety hazards.

Safety Hazards

Fire and carbon monoxide are two of the biggest dangers to your family’s safety and both can be easily and inexpensively monitored. If you have a centrally monitored home security system you may already have smoke and fire and carbon monoxide detectors as part of your system. But if you don’t you can affordably include a few strategically located smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices are simple to use and maintain.

Other types of safety hazards that don’t come with detectors or monitors include falling hazards—especially dangerous for the elderly—firearm dangers, and safety hazards inherent in some of your home’s critical systems, such as heating and plumbing.

Weather Hazards

Natural weather hazards you may have the least control over avoiding, but you can help secure your home and take proper steps to ensure your family has a plan in the event of a natural disaster.

In regions where hurricanes and tornados are a constant threat some homeowners choose to retrofit their home with security doors: security screen doors, storms doors or main exterior doors. Manufactured of steel, aluminum and other durable and coated materials you’ll find a variety of rugged entry doors built to resist both natural impacts and human impacts.

Home Health Hazards

Poisons are a leading home health hazard particularly for small children and the elderly.

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