Safety Steps toward Safer Home Wiring

How a Security System Serves as Warning

Home wiring can be a security and safety risk in and around your home. If you are thinking about installing a home security system in your home, make sure your plan covers the risks associated with home wiring systems.

New home wiring is relatively safe, tested and up to code, but for millions of Americans in older homes electrical wiring systems are a risk in a few ways:

And it’s not just risks caused by old wiring. Untrained do-it-yourselfers and even poorly skilled handymen can instigate wiring safety issues.

Wiring Safety as Part of a Home Security System

Plan wiring safety into your home’s overall security strategy. If you have installed or are installing a centrally monitored alarm system consider the added devices and detectors that could alert you to a system problem or associated hazard:

Make certain that children understand the dangers of exposed wires. In the event of storms and power outages they should know to stay clear of downed wires and trees that could have power lines tangled in their branches.

Water and Electricity: a Dangerous Mix in Your Home

Many older homes were built well before modern electrical codes were put in place. A key safety concern is in areas around sinks—in kitchen and bath areas. New houses have ground default circuit breaker outlets installed in kitchen and bath areas, anywhere there is a risk of water mixing with electrical current. These outlets look different from others thanks to the black and red circuit break switches located on their front face. When a circuit is tripped the outlet cuts electrical current. Once you’ve cleared the area you can push the Reset button that allows current to flow again.

Ground default circuit breaker outlets are an inexpensive addition to your family’s home safety.

If your home is missing these outlets, consider retrofitting throughout your kitchen and bath. Also, keep all electrical appliances away from sinks, baths and toilets, and unplugged and put out of sight if not in use.

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