Keep Intruders Out with a Home Burglar Alarm System

Simple to Sophisticated, Cheap to Expensive

Burglar alarms are designed to do exactly what their name suggests: alert you to an unwanted intruder. These devices or systems work on a simple premise: once you arm the device or devices and the perimeter of your home or property is breached, an alarm or siren is triggered. Burglar alarms have been around for generations, some are nothing more than home made booby traps and others are very high tech. Modern home security systems usually bundle in an array of burglar alarm devices along with fire and hazard detection.

Simple Burglar Alarms

Basic electronic burglar alarm systems are built into your home’s doors and windows and other points of entry. A series of metal contacts transmit signals to the alarm’s main receiver should a point of contact be broken—the electric circuit interrupted. If you have a security system monitored by a security company a simultaneous alarm alert is sent to the monitoring center either via a physical phone land-line or wirelessly.

The more points of entry armed with intrusion detectors the more costly your burglar alarm system.

Sophisticated Burglar Alarms and Home Security Systems

Home security systems can become very complex, a multi-layered system that includes intrusion detection devices as well as a host of other monitors and detectors:

All of these are common additions to a comprehensive home security system that offers an arsenal of protection from intruders.

Installation and Cost of a Burglar Alarm System

You could easily and pretty affordably rig a few strategically placed electronic and wireless devices and have a simple burglar alarm system in place in a couple of hours. Security products such as basic wireless glass break sensors, a window alarm that sets off a siren when the magnetic contact is broken, and a couple of indoor and outdoor motion detectors could deter a few potential intruders. All of this if you do it yourself for possibly just under $200.

For a bit more money and peace of mind you could purchase a basic monthly monitored burglar alarm system from a reputable security company. In some instances you’ll find a basic system installed for no money down and then just the cost for the monthly monitoring service. Most systems like this hardwire or wirelessly configure a number of window sensors, door sensors, and interior motion detectors and give you effective outdoor yard signs and window stickers. But you can add on a menu of security devices that all give you an even greater level of safety.

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