Point of Entry Alarms

Security Devices for Your Home’s Doors and Windows

Entry alarms are key components in any size or style of home burglar alarm system. The number one reason homeowners purchase security systems is to detect and deter intruders. If undeterred, the next most important function is to alert you to a perimeter breach—an opened window or door. This is what entry alarms do.

Standalone entry devices can operate in a number of ways, including:

These devices may be armed via a key, on/off switch or numbered keypad.

Point-of-entry alarm devices simply work when they detect motion, but they must be armed to actually trigger alarms or sirens.

Door and Window Entry Alarms

Door alarms may be built into the door and frame, invisible metal contacts that are activated with a small electric charge when you arm the system and trips and audible alarm or siren when the contact seal is broken or the door is opened unexpectedly. But common affordable alternatives may be attached to the inside of the door and jamb where a set of magnetic contacts does the same job.

Windows may be armed in similar ways or fitted with glass break detectors, another form of entry alarm.

Entry Alarms as Part of Your Home Security System

Home security systems come packaged with a varying number of point-of-entry alarms and monitors, including magnetic contacts for one or more doors and the same for your home’s windows. These entry alarms may be hard-wired into your home system and connected to the main keypad or they may be wirelessly configured to work with your system. In cases where your home security system does not cover all windows and doors you usually have the option to add on supplemental entry devices that will expand your security coverage. You may even be able to expand your home security system to include points of entry outside your home, such as garage and/or workshop doors and windows.

Safeguard Your Home’s Perimeter

Remember there are a number of layers in a complete home security plan including the perimeter security and interior security. Entry devices function on the perimeter level so it’s up to you to decide where your security perimeter begins and ends. Does it begin with a driveway gate and perimeter fence? Or does it begin at your front door?

Entry alarms don’t offer resistance, they are designed to alert you and/or a security monitoring center once an intruder has broken in. Make sure your home’s security system also integrates a visible warning system to deter criminals before they enter your home.

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