Heating and Cooling and Flood and Water Alarms

Be Alerted When Something Goes Wrong

The main operating systems of your home are the heating and cooling system and the electrical and plumbing systems. What if you had a small leak in a pipe or a hot water heater that if detected early could save you hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars? Or, what if you were out of town and your heating system suddenly stopped working; the temperature outside could get cold enough to freeze your pipes—costing you thousands of dollars in repairs as well as causing collateral home and property damage.

For these reasons you’ll quickly discover that a big benefit of a commercially installed home security system is the option to include a range of “critical systems” detectors. Heating and cooling system monitors and/or flood and water detectors are designed to alert you the moment a system malfunctions or breaks. Some systems may also be configured to monitor refrigerators and freezers.

Heating and Cooling System Alarms

The heating and cooling systems in your home can be quite critical particularly in the winter and the summer. In many areas of the country a functioning heating system is critical to maintaining working pipes. But sudden and unexpected loss of heat in below freezing temperatures is also dangerous for small children and the elderly. These are home safety and security issues that many people forget about when they install home alarm systems.

Flood Detectors

Water is key to a home’s safety and security. And for this reason many security packages allow you to include flood and water detection in your system. Flood and water alarms are quickly triggered as soon as sensors detect the presence of water. Built into comprehensive security systems devices like these are designed to immediately notify you and your alarm monitoring company, possibly eliminating big repair bills.

But if you want to do-it-yourself, you’ll find affordable standalone flood and water detectors. Most are battery operated and designed for use in basements and near water-based appliances, such as clothes washers, toilets, hot water heaters, and dishwashers.

Don’t neglect heating and cooling system alarms and water detection monitors when planning your home’s security system. Head off potentially serious and compound problems.

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