Fireproof and Waterproof Home Safes

Lock Up Your Valuables and Keep Them Safe and Secure

What happens to your family’s important documents, sentimental family photos and other irreplaceable valuables in the event of fire, flood and even break-ins? Fireproof and waterproof safes for home use have become increasingly commonplace. Gone are the days of stuffing cash and other valuables under the mattress. Modern, smart homeowners invest in a safe that does exactly what its name says it does: keeps your valuables safe from harm.

Home safes come in a wide array of sizes, models and price ranges that fit everyone’s home security budget and blueprint. Before you buy take a few minutes to consider your needs for the short-term and the long-term.

Choosing a Safe for Home Use

Home safes come in a huge variety of types and styles designed for a range of purposes. Before you buy consider:

Safe Styles

While you’re considering the uses to which you’ll put a home safe you will also come closer to the style that best fits your needs:

Home Safe Endurance Testing

So how do you know how much abuse your safe will endure before it gives up its contents? Serious home safes are tested under rigorous conditions to ensure they can hold up to fire, water and take a beating. But before you invest make sure you know their limitations and expect to put out more cash for a safe that will take almost any type of abuse.

How Much Will a Home Safe Cost You?

For a basic portable brief-case or chest-style safe designed to withstand fire and the ensuing water damage you can spend less than $65. These types of safes are limited in how much they can hold and the duration of fire and flood before they succumb to the elements. In most everyday situations this will suffice for your most precious documents.

But if you’re shopping for a real stalwart, you should expect to invest a few hundred dollars for peace of mind.

Safeguarding Data Storage and Computer Files

Fire and flood can also destroy your family computer or home office computer. Traditional data backup and storage makes use of CDs, DVDs, flash drives and hard drives. But still, all of these mediums are at the mercy of fire, water and other environmental disasters.

If you’re buying a safe for your valuables you might also think long and hard about buying a secure hard-drive or data storage safe. These types of home safe give you an additional level of protection that includes valuable and irreplaceable digital data.

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