Glass Break Detectors

Early Warning of Intruders

Before an intruder can even make it through a window a glass break detector could alert you to the intrusion. These types of home security devices are perimeter alarms; they are designed to secure the perimeter of your home before a burglar ever gets inside.

Modern glass break detection systems are acoustic- and/or shock/vibration-based. The newest devices are tuned to the sound of shattering glass, which ensures reliable detection and rules out most everyday sounds that in the past would have triggered false and annoying alarms. However, because these devices are set to such narrow sound frequencies, it’s critical that you choose sensors designed to work with the type of glass in your home’s windows. For example you may have tempered glass or plate glass and each shatters differently. Glass break detectors may need to be tuned to the frequency of your glass type to function effectively.

Installing and Setting Up Glass and Window Break Detectors

Installation of glass break detectors is a bit more complex than installing a simple smoke alarm for some of the reasons already mentioned. These types of perimeter alarms offer a more sophisticated layer of home security and many of the higher quality devices are designed to be flush mounted, nearly hidden from view where they are recessed into walls and ceilings. Because of this it might be worth your money to have a glass break detection system installed by trained pros, and possibly as part of a comprehensive home security system.

Setup and installation could include:

Self-Installation of Glass Break Detectors

Sometimes you might have only one or two windows you want monitored. You will find a number of easily installed standalone detection units that work acoustically and/or in combination with shock sensors:

Like other alarm systems window break detectors are designed to emit a very piercing siren or horn. This is intended to frighten off intruders, attract attention from neighbors, and get your attention if you’re at home. Systems that are built into larger home security systems automatically transmit the intrusion to a monitoring center where police are instantly notified.

If you’re considering a home security system find out how glass and window breakage detectors could give you even more peace of mind.

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