Home Security Kits

Camera Kits, Intercom Kits and What They Cost

Home security systems are a combination of devices and products all configured to work together. Because it’s a component driven system you have many options for standalone security kits, such as camera kits, burglar alarm kits and even home intercom kits.

Types of Security Device Kits

When you go to purchase any type of security device kit—to do it yourself or have installed by a professional—part of your final buying decision will be determined by these factors:

Home Security Camera Kits

Camera and video devices—hard-wired and wireless-- are increasingly popular in home security systems. If you already have a security system you can either buy a security camera/video kit to supplement or you can ask your security company and installer to build in any number of camera and video monitors that can then be hard-wired or wirelessly configured to “communicate” with the whole system. Visible and hidden cameras may be activated by motion and set to transmit unwanted activity back to a main monitoring station. Camera kits come in models you can use for inside or outdoor use, making them flexible additions to your security system.

In the absence of a home security system you can install or have installed a surveillance camera system inside and/or outside your home. Kits like these typically can be wired directly to your PC monitor and include multiple cameras plus wiring and installation setup guides. Expect to pay between $500 and $3,000.

Small “spy” or pinhole cameras are more affordable and can be fit into a pinhole in any room. They have a limited range of sight, but in smaller areas could fill a security weakness. Most are motion activated and cost a few hundred dollars or less.

Home Security Intercom Kits

Like cameras voice and video intercoms are not standard features in many home security packages. But intercom systems provide a level of communication that offers convenience as well as control. A wide range of intercom kits are available and in an array of cost categories depending upon your goals and level of security sophistication. Choose from wireless standalone units for one or two stations to multi-station kits with video capabilities.

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