Home Intercoms as Part of Your Security System

Key Communication Component

What if you lived alone and had little visibility to the street, your driveway or your front door? Can you see the peace of mind you may have if you could talk to a visitor via intercom? AND possibly even see their face via video?

Intercom Systems for Security and Convenience

If you’re looking to purchase a home intercom purely for convenience you cannot deny the possible security advantages as well. As part of a home security system even one intercom device adds another level of safety—it puts you in control of one or multiple entry points and allows you to decide who gets in and who gets denied access to your home, property and family. In fact many of the more advanced home security system packages come with an intercom built-in, often as simple as a two-way communication device between you and your security monitoring station.

Types of Intercoms

Intercom systems come in a variety of forms—simple standalone devices to complex hard-wired systems that interconnect your home and property. As the electronics become more sophisticated so too do the options in communication systems. You can use intercoms to enable communication within a home as well as without.

Door and Gate Intercoms

Door and gate intercoms give you the chance to answer the door, so to speak, remotely. And since many property gates are at the end of a long driveway it’s up to you exactly who gains admittance to your home and property. Systems like these can be hard-wired throughout your home and are usually triggered when the gate or door bell or buzzer is contacted.

Video Intercoms

Video intercoms are an example of how sophisticated home intercom systems have become. Not long ago you could have two-way voice communication with someone outside a gate or doorway, but now video capabilities have come to home communication systems. Video intercoms can be as simple as a video door phone—a two-way, phone and video device that puts your eyes outside your front door as soon as someone rings the doorbell.

Wireless Intercoms

Wireless security devices, including intercom components allow you to create a customizable and flexible home security and communication system both inside and out. If you have multiple buildings, such as home, garage and workshop, wireless intercom units are a practical solution to hard-wired.

Installation and Cost for Intercom Security Systems

Unless you’re an experienced handy-man or woman you might want to entrust installation of a home intercom system to a professional security company or a professional that specializes in these devices. Most systems require base station installation as well as multiple room stations, plus structured wiring or wireless configuration. A professional will test it and ensure its operability.

How much will a home intercom system cost? Expect to spend a few hundred dollars for a multiple room system and likely much more for one that includes stations outside your home, such as storage building or workshop.

Before you make a quick decision on intercoms consider what your goals are for home security and how an intercom could help you achieve the level of comfort and security you need.

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