Make Home Security Signs Work for You

Tips for Using Them Correctly

Home security companies like ADT, Brinks and others all provide outdoor security signs and window decals as an integral part of their security package. Why?

Security system signs that you post visibly in your front yard alert potential intruders to the presence of a high-tech and possibly impervious home burglar alarm system. These visual signs are effective deterrents in and of themselves, which also makes them in-demand home security products for homeowners even without a security system. In other words, fake home security signs are big business.

Why it Pays to Go with a Reputable Security Company

When you hire a reputable home security company to install and monitor your alarm system you also get the protection of their name. Don’t you think an intruder has knowledge of a particular company’s products and systems? You better bet that as soon as an experienced intruder sees your security company’s sign posted or decal on your window he or she makes an immediate educated decision to attempt the break-in or bypass.

Tips for Placing Your Security Signage

So where should you post your security system signs and decals so they are most visible? Right out in your front yard, visible from the road but not so close that it can be swiped easily by a passerby. If you have a small yard you can actually put a sign close to your front door. Put the decals on all accessible windows and keep spare signage on hand.

Here are a few strategic spots for security signs:

Once you’ve strategically placed your home security signs make sure you check them regularly. Signs fall down, shrubs grow to cover them up and they may be stolen. Squeeze the most use from these signs—keep them visible and avoid a break-in before it occurs.

Ultimate Visibility

Considering that many break-ins occur in the dark you might consider placing security system and company signs either in well-lit spots around your home or even putting small exterior spot lights on them. Add outdoor lighting and you also help to deter criminals that would much rather prefer to work under cover of darkness. Make sure you include outside motion detectors and lights in your home security tactics.

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