Home Security Sirens

Scare Off Intruders and Alert the Entire Neighborhood

When you’re going for maximum sensory overload and crime deterrent, think: sirens and strobes. Sirens are notorious for putting out big obnoxious sound. They are the sound of emergency, burglary in progress, a crime in the making—they attract attention and put everyone within earshot on alert. When you add security sirens to your home security system you integrate a component designed to chase away possible intruders and to attract attention from neighbors, quickly.

Why a Siren?

Most home security systems are equipped with an alarm or siren. But they are often overlooked or drowned out in the surrounding daily noise. They’ve become a typical part of our sensory environment.

Two ways you can add security sirens to your home and property:

Adding Exterior Sirens to Your Home

Many packaged home security systems are designed to protect the home itself. But they often fall short on property, the real perimeter of your home. The addition of exterior motion detectors, automatic lighting and exterior horns and sirens is a first level of defense when you’re trying to send a clear message to intruders. You’ll find exterior siren models made of rugged and shock resistant materials and impervious to weather. Choose from hard-wired or wireless sirens and those with or without strobe lights. Use them to protect the perimeter of your property, personal property and out-buildings.

Adding Sirens to Your Home Security System

If you have a prepackaged home security system you can amp it up with additional sirens. Many security companies offer sirens and horns. If not you’ll find many siren models that integrate seamlessly with an existing security system. They can be wired into the home system or wirelessly configured to sound as soon as any part of your detection system is triggered. Add-on sirens are louder, usually considered more effective. And if you or someone in your family may be hearing impaired you’ll find sirens with bright strobe lights, another sensory deterrent to criminals.

A big advantage to security sirens is their cost—relatively inexpensive when you consider their possible effectiveness. You can spend between $10 and $50 for sirens.

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