Comprehensive Wireless Home Security Systems

Alarm One, Inc. Products and Monitoring

If you compare all the national home security companies and their various package deals you’ll quickly discover that most specialize in hardwired home systems that may include a variety of wireless add-ons. However, Alarm One, Inc. only installs wireless home security systems.

The Advantage of a Wireless Home Security System

When you choose to install a wireless security system in your home you get lightning fast installation and configuration, a completely scalable and largely portable system. And you save your home from unnecessary and sometimes costly structured wiring installations. Alarm One systems can be up and running in a couple of hours—installed, configured and monitoring.

Types of Alarm One Home Security Packages

Choose from one of two standard security packages:

Don’t let these limit you. Alarm One provides a menu of wireless devices that you can use to expand or upgrade your system.

Most system installations are free. You pay for activation and monitoring services.

What if you already have a home system? Then simply subscribe to Alarm One’s standalone alarm monitoring service. It works with any home security system.

Wireless Security Devices and System Add-ons

When you opt for wireless security systems you have a huge range of device add-ons, many of which are ultra-portable, giving you increased levels of safety and security. Alarm One’s wireless add-ons include:

Alarm One Monitoring Services

Do you want a system with monitoring or without?

Like all other companies, Alarm One provides continuous and uninterrupted alarm system monitoring. Services like these are designed to be a big deterrent to criminals before a break in is ever attempted.

Fact is that enough criminals are deterred by 24/7/365 tended security systems to avoid them, making home monitoring services an essential component of any truly secure residential security system.

Consider the system effectiveness without monitoring:

Without alarm monitoring maybe an audible alarm goes off if your home’s perimeter is breached—a window broken or a door jimmied open—but who responds if you’re not around? And if you are at home, what then? You have an intruder in your home and no guarantee of help on the way.

For most families the key is constant monitoring AND visible signs strategically placed outside your home.

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