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APX Alarm entered the home security market intent on providing American homeowners with easily customizable and expandable home security systems and reliable alarm monitoring from a central hub. Not only does APX provide all the technical specifications you need to make informed decisions about security systems, but you can get a wealth of safety tips and guides intended to direct you to one conclusion: a home outfitted with a reputable burglar alarm system AND monitored by security pros 24/7 is the only way you can be as safe as possible.

Security System Products and Devices

Armed with devices and technology from Honeywell and other manufacturers, here are some of the security solutions you’ll find with APX:

APX Alarm Monitoring

No one says you can’t have a home alarm system without the monthly monitoring fee. However, consider how effective a system is without someone tending it. Even if you have the capability to monitor your own system via Internet could you get the proper authorities on the phone in time to stop a burglary or assault?

APX system monitoring provides a level of security a standalone alarm system just doesn’t have on its own.

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