Bulldog Home Security

Local Services and Local Monitoring for Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country with over 5 million people packed into this sprawling metro area. A handful of large national home security providers compete across markets nationwide, but Bulldog Security Services specializes in home and business security for the Atlanta market. AND the company’s 24/7 U.L. approved monitoring center is located just outside the metro area.

Home Alarm Systems Installed by Bulldog

Design a home security and fire alarm system that meets your needs, which means offers you relief in peace of mind from some of your greatest security and safety fears:

Examine your family’s greatest risks then design and install a Bulldog system that answers those needs and keep your business local.

Decide on a System that Gives You the Right Coverage

Bulldog Pre-Wiring for Atlanta Builders

Builders may opt to install Bulldog security system wiring at the time your home is built. This means lower installation costs and a home security infrastructure that is pre-existing.

Local Alarm Monitoring Center

How does a local company like Bulldog handle the volume of customers in the area with its dedicated monitoring? First the center is local and U.L. approved. All center technicians are trained to manage emergencies. In the event of a large-scale emergency in which a call center might be overloaded with calls and events, the Bulldog center has a full computer and server back-up that includes battery. Alarm monitoring costs are among the lowest.

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