CPI Home Security Systems

Designed, Installed and Monitored

In an industry in which a handful of well known security companies stands out, CPI continues to set itself apart with a commitment to scalable and customizable home security packages. In fact this company widely boasts that it handles all aspects of its home security, from system design to installation and finally to alarm monitoring—all of it CPI.

CPI Home Security Packages

CPI packages are straightforward residential security solutions:

CPI maintains that its stellar response time is due to the inclusion of the two-way speaker/intercoms that come standard with every home installation. This type of communication device gives you immediate and hands-free contact with a trained CPI monitoring technician who finds out right away what’s going on and gets the right authorities engaged and enroute.

Alarm Monitoring

CPI is dedicated to delivering the absolute best in the business even if it’s a regional company. The company’s proprietary alarm monitoring center is said to deliver “the fastest” response turnaround when your home system is compromised. That’s an important metric. Don’t seconds count when your home is being broken into, especially if you or a loved one is at home?

CPI Intercom Systems

CPI includes two-way hands-free speaker/intercoms with every home installation. You don’t have to be right in front of the main keypad or near a phone to communicate with CPI emergency specialists.

But the company also offers a full-range of customizable intercom and two-way speaker communication solutions that solve convenience problems AND make your home safer and more secure. Install intercom systems inside and outside your home and keep your doors locked while you talk to visitors and strangers outside a front gate or doorway.

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