Security Systems by Protect America

Wireless Solutions for Residential Applications

Protect America home security packages and systems are designed to meet the needs of a number of types of residential customers, including homeowner and renter. As a specialist in wireless security appliances and devices Protect America works with customers to create an affordable and comprehensive package built with devices manufactured by General Electric, some of the highest performing in the country.

Protect America's Security Alarm Systems

If you consider Protect America an option when it comes to your home or apartment wireless security system then check out the standard packages:

Did you notice the biggest and only difference between packages is the addition of more and more window and door sensors? Why? Protect America adheres to the fact that most burglars and intruders enter your home through a door or window, period. you can add on motion detectors really cheaply, but if you have all your points of entry armed, and they operate correctly, then why bother? As soon as any window or door is opened or broken through your siren will be triggered and Protect America will be alerted.

Central Alarm Monitoring Services

You can absolutely install a system without connecting to any central monitoring center. But before you make that decision, to forego the monthly $30 or $35, ask yourself these questions:

Is that risk worth the $35 a month?

If you opt to install a Protect America security system in your home or apartment why not make sure you really ARE protected with immediate response to any and all intrusions?

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