When You Need Home Alarm System Monitoring

SAI Associates Services

Sometimes a security company comes along that chooses one niche to dominate. SAI Security Associates has chosen to dominate the security monitoring aspect of the industry with high performance central monitoring solutions for home, business, industry and government clients.

How Important is a Centrally Monitored Home Security System?

You spend the money to install a home security system. Maybe it’s basic or maybe it’s sophisticated, but you go to the trouble and expense because you know it adds security and protection to your home and family. But you decide to forego the added monthly expense of connecting your system to a central monitoring center somewhere. What happens if an intruder invades your home? Who calls 911? Do you believe a neighbor or passerby will automatically make that call? What if you or your family members are inside the home when he breaks in and you can’t get to a phone and there’s no alarm panic button available and no trained emergency security specialist’s voice on the intercom asking you if you’re okay? You wanted to save a few dollars a month.

A security or burglar alarm is only half of the security package you should invest in. It doesn’t matter how high tech or sensitive your glass break detectors are if there is no one responding to the alarm and fast.

What you get when you sign up for home security monitoring with SAI is lightning fast response rates, someone on the phone, a security specialist’s voice speaking directly to you from the two-way intercom you’ve installed. your peace of mind is this: police, fire, EMTs are on the way and you didn’t have to do a thing or utter one word—this is automatic and instant help in an emergency and it’s the second half of a whole home security system.

Monitor Your Home Alarm System via Internet

SAI offers you the option to also monitor your home security system remotely. Anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser – PC, laptop or cellphone – you can check in and arm, disarm, get alerts when kids arrive home safely and more, all via the web.

If you have an existing home security system or are installing, find out if SAI is an affordable and smart solution.

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