Security Cameras for Home Use

High-End, Low-End and Even Dummy Cameras

As the cost of digital equipment moderates over time you’ll find an increasing number of homeowners adding some form of security camera to their home security systems.

These high-tech surveillance devices give you the flexibility to visually monitor blind spots, children’s play areas, spy on possible intruders and domestic employees (think “nanny-cams”) or see who’s at the front gate or door before you open it.

Types of Surveillance Cameras

Home cameras for security may be expensive, high-end systems of cameras and video devices or quite affordable packages.

Cost and Installation

Expect even a basic surveillance video system to cost close to $1,000. Multi-camera, multi-video systems cost much more. Hard-wired systems cost more primarily for installation and wiring. Lowest cost devices are Internet security cameras and spy cameras.

Fake, Imitation and Dummy Cameras

What if you really don’t have the money to spend on a system of surveillance cameras, but want to reap the benefits they provide as far as deterring criminals?

High quality imitation video devices and CCTV cameras are all over the market. Also known as fake or dummy security cameras, you could get quite a bit of mileage out of these products when used appropriately.

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