Dummy Security Cameras

Strategic and Low Cost Home Security

How much of home security is about perception? What if you could fool the criminals, lead them to believe that your home is built like Fort Knox?

Simulated CCTV, dome, bullet and box surveillance cameras are big business. Why? The cost for a full video surveillance system for many homeowners and business owners is just too much. But this is not to say that fake security cameras are cheap. Most devices cost anywhere from $20 to $50 and may even be outfitted with a red blinking LED light similar to fully-functioning video systems.

Fake cameras themselves can be quite sophisticated. They are intended to fool anyone but a real security pro. Here are some possible features:

How to Use Simulated Security Cameras

If you are planning on building a real home security system on a “smoke-and-mirrors” concept you should think again. Making everything fake—motion detectors, sirens and more, could invite a challenge. What if an experienced intruder called your bluff on all of it?

Video camera systems are costly, so it’s understandable that you might opt for high-quality fakes in lieu of a full-blown CCTV system. However, the smartest strategy would be to incorporate the simulated cameras into a real but basic home security plan. A simple burglar alarm system, including high quality door locks, door and window alarms and a few motion-activated exterior flood-lights would suggest the real deal to an experienced burglar. You could even include a few other popular “fakes”: dummy security signs and decals.

If you are serious about integrating simulated security cameras into your security budget, buy high quality models that will hold up to the conditions in which you put them.

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