Home Security: Fire Safety Guide for Kids

Fire Safety. Although fire is beneficial in many different ways, from cooking to heating our homes, it should always be regarded with respect. After all, it doesn’t take very much to start a fire that grows out of control. In fact, even something as simple as leaving a space heater on too close to a flammable material can create a dangerous fire hazard. Less obvious things are also a hazard, like leaving the coffee pot on all day. Fortunately, fires can also be prevented with a little bit of preparation and a solid foundation on fire safety.

For example, one of the best ways to stay fire safe in the home, school or workplace, is to remain aware of any potential fire hazards in the area, and always have an escape plan visible. An escape plan should have at least two exit paths in the case of an emergency, and an agreed upon meeting place where everyone can gather once they are out of the building. Fire escape routes should be regularly rehearsed to ensure that everyone is familiar with the plan ahead of time.

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  1. Karen E Waible Says:

    Do you recommend any particular model of portable/storeable ladder for evacuation from 2nd story? Also any ideas for quick evacuation of cats from 2nd story (if stairs are blocked & need to use ladder)—alternative to hard carriers (i.e mesh laundry bags?). And is there any “rig” to lower pets from 2nd story? thanks

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