Your Home Security System – Camera-Enhanced

Take Your Protection to the Visual Level

Digital still and video cameras have become high tech, but at the same time the cost for ownership has dropped steadily, meaning almost anyone can afford one. So how can you use cameras to ramp up your home security system?

If you’re going to the trouble to install a security camera system it’s likely you already have a basic home security system or burglar alarm system, including door and window alarms, glass break detectors, indoor and outdoor motion detectors and sensors and the appropriate signage that effectively deters many potential intruders. You’ll need these support devices because cameras offer no actual resistance—only deterrent and that’s when you advertise their use and/or make them highly visible.

How Important are Home Security Cameras?

Look at this way: burglars and other intruders usually plan break-ins when you’re either not at home or asleep. In either case your vision or sight is compromised. Security cameras give you sight. For example, you could install a modest array of visible cameras that feed directly into a PC monitor—24/7 vision on many of your home’s blind spots. In the event of a break in any recorded camera data serves as evidence and proof of a crime. Sound important?

Popular Cameras for Home Security Use

Before you bury yourself in security camera research ask yourself a few key questions:

Each of these questions narrows down your product options and gives you a much clearer idea of the cameras and video equipment you’ll need to integrate.

The types of security cameras and videos you’ll find on the market for security applications include:

Installing a Security Camera System in Your Home

Many types of security camera systems, both indoor and outdoor, offer plug-and-play installation that makes it much easier to setup. However, plenty of security companies specialize in custom home security installations including your security camera and video arsenal.

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