Monitor Pets and Home Remotely with an IP Camera

Compact and Affordable Internet Security Device

What if you didn’t even have to be home to keep an eye on your home or apartment?

Internet security cameras are a low-cost option when you don’t have a big budget, need a targeted area monitored, or don’t have the capability to install a bigger home security system. They also give you the option to remotely ‘watch’ an area or areas in your residence, even monitor your pets, from anywhere you have an Internet connection, including web-enabled cellphones.

How Internet Security Cameras Work

Sometimes called IP cameras or web security cameras, internet security cameras are compact fixed wire or wireless video devices that work independently from a PC. Most have built-in servers and Ethernet capabilities. You log onto a browser from your office, Internet café, laptop on vacation or cellphone and access the server directly with an IP address. From there you monitor what your camera is viewing.

Benefits of Internet Security Cameras

Biggest benefits of this type of security device include:

But there are drawbacks, as well:

Integrate with a Larger Home Security System

Robust and effective home security systems utilize a wide range of devices in a multi-layered scheme. Basic level home security begins with simple resistance devices such as high quality door and window locks; deterrents such as alarm monitoring signs and window decals, and motion activated flood lights; detection and alarm devices like glass break detectors, and window and door alarms. Monitoring devices include one or more video cameras, some visible some hidden. Expand this to include a useful internet monitoring camera for a comprehensive system.

Installation and Cost

Expect to pay between $75 and $200 for an IP security camera, more for a high quality device. In most instances you can install yourself, but if you want to forego any technical headaches you might just hire a PC technician to get the device working and browser-enabled.

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