Keep Cameras Hidden

Spy Cameras and How to Use Them at Home

Video cameras are in-demand for home security applications for two reasons: they offer an extremely effective layer of security and they are becoming very affordable. Once you could only find security cameras in commercial environments or as part of a very high-end (read: expensive/custom) home security system.

Spy cameras or hidden cameras can be disguised in a myriad of ways. Many models are wireless making detection even less likely.

Pinhole or peephole cameras are easily fit into small holes in walls, ceilings electrical outlet plates, even bookshelves and cabinets. Most hidden camera kits give you straightforward setup and installation instructions so you can monitor them via a home PC monitor.

A wide and surprising range of creative devices function as disguises for hidden or spy cameras:

As detective-novel as these sound, these are legitimate high tech devices that will let you monitor movement and activity in and around your home. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for some of these spy camera gadgets.

Ultra Small Cameras

You can expand your home security system with a clever array of micro sized video cameras installed inside and outside your home. Weatherproof and tamperproof housings let you hide cameras discreetly.

Of What Value are Hidden Cameras?

A hidden camera cannot be used as a deterrent device—no one knows it’s there. So how applicable are these types of security gadgets? Spy cameras are used in specific situations in which you have no intention of anyone knowing that you’re monitoring activity. These devices have been used as “nanny cams” and to monitor the activity of outsiders and employees that work in and around your home.

Part of a Larger Home Security System

The most effective home security systems employ spy cameras or hidden cameras only as a small part of the overall scheme. Security is meant to deter, offer resistance and then provide immediate detection and alarm. Cameras record data. Covert spy cameras offer no deterrent so make sure you are using them sparingly and in very targeted applications.

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