Think About Home Safety

Safety Measures and Concerns to Include in Your Security Plan

If you’ve gone to the trouble to plan a rock solid home security system and have failed to practically plan for all the types of safety problems that could arise, then you’ve missed half of the home security equation.

Remember home security—it’s a holistic program that includes security from intruders as well as security from other risks, such as safety hazards, health hazards, and security hazards.

Home Safety and Security Designed for Everyone

Do your kids know how to operate your home security system should they need to?

Do you live with an older person with possible medical problems?

Is someone in your family hearing impaired?

These questions help to inspire home safety concerns that should be addressed early on in a home security plan.

Home Safety for Kids

Your children, even small children, should be introduced to your home’s security system. If they can memorize system passwords, including the panic password, they should do so and it would be a valuable part of your security plan to regularly review the system and procedures.

The purpose is not to scare children, but you create a much safer family environment when they are educated on important safety topics:

These are just a few of very basic and very important safety issues your child should be aware of.

Home Safety for Elderly

Another neglected population when it comes to home safety is the elderly. The basic measures remain the same, but take into account a few more senior safety-related challenges:

Stay Safe From Home Hazards

Many accidents at home are the result of misuse or lack of knowledge of heating and wiring systems, and firearm storage. Learn a few simple basic steps you can take that will make everyone much safer.

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