Security Steps for Home Fire Safety

Simple Warning Devices, Education, and Escape Plans

Simple steps to take to keep your family safe from fire should be a key component in your home safety strategy and any home security system. Basic measures include:

Sound complicated? These components are in place to protect and safeguard your home, family and personal property and a few of them require very little on your part to function as part of the critical whole.

First make sure your family, particularly children, understand how fires start and why they can be so dangerous. Keep matches, lighters and all types of fuse materials out of reach of children.

Smoke Detection

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire is usually true and no better reason than to arm your home with a number of strategically placed smoke alarms and detectors. This prevention step is so simple and so affordable it’s a tragedy when fire strikes and smoke detectors were either non-existent or non-functioning.

If you have an in-home security system monitored by a central alarm company, find out if you may expand your home system to include built-in smoke and fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Home hazard detection like this provides an even better level of safety and security—get warned immediately via whole system sirens. If you’re away from home your alarm monitoring company can instantly get fire and police on the way in the even that a smoke or fire alarm is triggered.

Fire Safety Devices

Besides the very basic and essential smoke detector and fire alarm devices you should also have a home fire extinguisher on hand. Store these relatively inexpensive devices in or near kitchens, fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and cooking stoves, and near garages and workshops. Most are able to extinguish small fires before they get out of hand.

Consider the usefulness of a home fire ladder. What if someone in your family was trapped on a second or third floor of your home? Safety ladders are usually easily stored in a closet or under a bed and are designed to be secured to a window ledge.

Most experts suggest that you create and practice a simple home fire safety plan. In the event of a fire everyone in your family knows a number of escape options and where to go once free of your home.

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