From Burglar Alarms to Fire Alarms

How They Work and How to Use Them

Break apart any home security system and what you have is one or more interconnected types of alarm systems. A comprehensive security system includes a burglar alarm, one or more hazard alarms, heating and cooling alarms and possibly even a medical monitoring alarm. However each of these might also be used independently of each other.

Burglar Alarms

Home burglar alarms are typically what immediately jump to mind when you start looking at home security systems. And in most cases this is the system included in a basic alarm package.

Burglar alarms typically include:

These systems are often centrally monitored by a security provider that alerts authorities to break-ins.

Safety Alarm Systems

Some of the more common safety alarm systems are included in every home with or without a more sophisticated security system:

The old adage, “Where there is smoke there is fire,” has instrumentally driven the push to include and require some form of smoke or fire alarm in nearly every building in America. Every home should have working smoke detectors on every level and outside all bedrooms. These are cheap devices that save hundreds of lives every year.

Critical Systems Alarms

One very overlooked aspect of your home security AND safety is your home’s built in systems, such as heating and cooling and plumbing. What happens if a pipe bursts and no one is home? What happens if your heating system goes on the blink in the middle of winter while you’re on vacation?

Medical Alarms

As Baby Boomers age they are staying at home and living longer. Enter the age of medical alarms & medical monitoring. Two types of systems you can buy:

This guide to home alarm systems breaks down the features of each type and explains how each works as part of a larger home security system.

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