Best Car Alarms

Home Safety and Security Expanded

Security alarms for your car not only give you the power to protect your investment, but they can expand your home alarm system at the same time. If your home burglar alarm system ends at your front door then you’re missing a bit chunk of your home and property, including your garage and vehicle.

Car theft has become big business and criminals have become bold. So never has there been a better time to expand your residential burglar alarm to your car or motorcycle.

Types of Car Alarm Systems

You’ll quickly discover that the secondary parts market in automobiles is flooded with alarm systems:

Many shoppers look specifically for car alarms in name brands, either for specific makes of car, or manufactured by leading car alarm companies, including Viper, Audiovox, Hornet and Commando.

Choose a system that provides all the security and safety features you’re looking for. You can have the system installed for you or many kits come with complete wiring and configuration diagrams so you can do-it-yourself.

How a Car Alarm System Works to Protect Your Property

Car alarms are not much different from the burglar alarm system you install in your home. Once you arm your car—lock it automatically—a high-tech array of sensors, shock absorbers and monitors triggers sirens and alarms any time a door is opened, a window broken or some other point of entry disturbed. Some car alarms are so sensitive they can be triggered by a construction blast, even a heavy truck driving past.

The level of sophistication in any car alarm system depends upon the type and model you buy.

Other Components in Your Home Security System

When you build on a car alarm to your home system you should already have some basic anti-intrusion devices in place. However, if you’re going to the trouble to arm your ride, you should also be just as concerned about your home or apartment. Safeguard your home and your car with the following basic security devices:

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