Types of Home Security Products

Components of Home Alarm and Security Systems

When you want to create or install a home security system you must first understand the various components and devices AND the functions they perform so you are prepared to make an informed buying decision. But home security is about much more than money, isn’t it?

You can evaluate home security systems, burglar alarms and the various devices and components in a number of ways:

A comprehensive home security system includes devices and safety products that could be included under more than one of the above categories. For example: it would be a critical mistake to simply install a few interior motion detectors unless you’ve already installed some security devices on your perimeter. Take every chance to deter and resist an intruder BEFORE he gets in. See? So try and imagine the functions and purposes of the various devices and why your home system must incorporate one or more of each type to complete a trustworthy and sensible security and alarm system for your home.

Security Devices that Safeguard the “Perimeter” of Your Home

What do you consider the perimeter of your home?

Do you wish to allow intruders onto your property, invite them right up to the exterior doors and windows of your home, or would you rather stop them before they even emerged from the dark edges of your yard or stepped off the sidewalk?

Perimeter devices include:

Where you ultimately “see” your perimeter determines where you wish to place security devices.

Interior Security Devices

Intrusion devices imply that someone has already breached your perimeter and if you have properly installed and functional perimeter devices then your system should be in alarm mode—sirens sounding, lights flashing and in the case of a centrally monitored system, police enroute. So what’s their purpose? Collect and transmit further information to your alarm company and authorities or, to provide back up in the case that intruders have bypassed your perimeter system.

Interior security devices include:

Interior Safety Devices

Safety devices may be configured as part of a whole home security system or as a standalone system.

Interior safety devices include:

Security Devices that Help Deter Intruders and Burglars

A key strategy in a well thought-out home security plan is deterrent devices. In most cases these components are low-tech, low cost additions that can make a big difference:

Explore this guide to security system devices and use it as a means to understand how you must piece together a basic or sophisticated home security system.

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