Door Locks: Simple Security Measures

Biometric, Electronic and Tamper Proof Devices

Upgrading or simply maintaining your home’s door locks is one of the simplest security tweaks you can make to secure your home from trespassers. Doors are one of the main points of perimeter entry and the lock systems and mechanisms should not be overlooked in lieu of a larger home security system.

State of the Art Security Door Locks

Intruders follow a path of least resistance—usually a door or window. Old deadbolts and door locks offer little resistance to an experienced and determined burglar. Residential door lock systems and mechanisms are now about as high-tech as are those found in commercial applications where security IS a big priority.

Make your door locks a first step in your home security plan.


The good old-fashioned deadbolt is alive and well. These simple door-locking mechanisms provide solid resistance against break-in attacks. Shop for the best you can find and from one of the reputable manufacturers, such as Schlage, and you’ll find that most of the deadbolts are larger and much more tamper-proof than the cheap versions. Of course expect to spend between $30 and $50 for high quality deadbolts.

Electronic Door Lock Systems or Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks and electronic door locks are wise ideas for homeowners committed to solid entry security. If you have multiple family members coming and going at different times and in situations where lost keys pose a security risk you may also benefit from keyless mechanisms.

Some electronic door lock systems offer a very high level of security. Assign each family member and/or authorized entrant his/her own passcode. Some electronic keypad doorlock systems are so sophisticated that you can log onto your remote computer and monitor your home’s daily entries and exits.

Fingerprint Door Locks

Biometric or fingerprint door locks are about as secure as you can get as a homeowner. These high security products read only those fingerprints you scan in, allowing you and your family members to lock or unlock your doors without keys or passcodes. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for this type of equipment.

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