Home Security Bars

Keep Intruders Out

Plenty of homeowners want and need a home security solution that goes beyond monitoring their home’s perimeter for possible intruders. In some situations window and door security bars make perimeter security plain, simple and affordable. Find out what you need to know about keeping burglars and criminals out and making sure you and your family have a quick escape if necessary.

Do Security Bars Keep Intruders Out?

Security bars, sometimes called burglar bars, are designed to be mounted with tamper-resistant fasteners and to discourage intruders. Most are constructed of solid steel. But let’s face it: intruders intent on accessing your home will be expert at bypassing burglar bars or finding access in other ways.

At the same time they keep small-time intruders out, you should make sure security bars are fitted with quick release mechanisms accessible to you and your family in the event of fire. In many communities there are efforts afoot to outfit old burglar bars bolted tightly to windows and doors—with new escape devices that make you safer.

Burglar Bars Protect Your Perimeter Only

If you’re sizing up the value of burglar bars over a package home security system make sure you compare prices and products thoroughly. If you’re under the impression that security bars will solve your security problems completely then you likely have not thought through a total home security plan. Remember, steel window security bars offer protection for your home’s perimeter, but not for interior:

Security bars are much more affordable than monthly security monitoring, but they are, in theory, only one level in a multi-level home security system.

Installing Home Security Bars

Security bars come in standard and custom window sizes and in a variety of styles. If you are willing to invest the extra cash you can find plenty of custom-made iron and steel security grills and professionals to install them for you.

For most people installation of home security bars is fairly straightforward, or you can hire a handy-man to do the job quickly. Make sure your bars are installed with the accompanying hardware, which should be tamper-resistant AND that the bars are fitted with a quick-release mechanism accessible to you and your family from the inside, in the event of a fire or other event that might demand window escape.

Remember, home security should include perimeter protection as well as intrusion protection.

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