Put a Timer on Almost Everything in and Around Your Home

Deter Burglars and Other Criminals with Security Lights

Most security professionals agree that things like lights, sprinkler systems, televisions and radios are all clear indications that someone is home—a big deterrent to a lot of potential intruders. Timers make it easy to ensure your home looks as though it’s inhabited even when it isn’t and lights are crucial.

Don’t use timers just because you think they will stop intruders. First this tactic is only a small component of a much larger home security system and plan. But timers are also a convenience for you. Lights illuminate dark and tricky walkways, sprinklers keep valuable landscaped areas hydrated at just the right times of day. You don’t have to be out of town on vacation for security timers to be effective. Maybe you’re consistently late at the office or travel for business. Find out how to use timers, how to install them and how much they cost.

Security Lights

Security lights can be almost any kind of light or system of lights, usually outdoor, that are set to illuminate either on a timer or when triggered by motion. Solar powered walkway and landscape lighting automatically illuminate during dusk and dawn. Use them to provide light to especially dark areas and tricky walkways. Especially popular types of outdoor security lighting are motion sensitive floodlights. Locate these on the corners of your home and garage and they automatically cast a full flood of light when something moves within their range. These are perfect for illuminating the perimeters of your yard.

Indoor Light Timers

For most consumers the addition of light timers is a do-it-yourself project that can be affordable or, costly and sophisticated. This is the era of total home automation, so how you set up security timers depends largely upon your technological needs and budget.

The most basic devices are those that plug directly into an outlet and control the on/off flow of electricity to your lights, stereo or television, which you set with a manual or digital timer/clock. You can buy these at any full-service hardware store or home supply center for less than $15, sometimes less.

More sophisticated digital timers and schedulers let you program multiple electrical devices in your home, and wall switches with built in timers let you pre-set your room lights to come on and off at various times. Expect to pay $30 and up for security schedulers like these.

Security Lights as Part of a Home Security System

If you have a home security system installed and monitored with a security company or you’re thinking about it, you may have the option to include security lights and customized emergency lighting. Basic home systems generally do not include emergency lights or automatic lights-on options in the event of a breach, but you may be able to get these services added to a custom home security package.

Make sure to utilize your home’s lighting system as part of your overall security plan.

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