Flood and Water Detectors

How to Save Yourself From Financial and Water Ruin

Your home systems—heating and air, water and electrical—play a critical role in the safety and security of you, your family, and your personal property. If you have only considered the damage an intruder might do then you are missing a large hunk of the home security Big Picture.

Water and flood damage due to broken pipes, faulty water systems, appliance malfunction, and even natural disaster, can ruin your home and put you and your family in a dangerous situation if gone undetected. Furthermore, early detection of broken pipes even small leaks can save you a bundle in expensive repairs. Why not avert a flood or financial emergency if you can?

Types of Flood Detectors

Home flood and water detection devices and systems may include a variety of functions and support devices:

You can buy low-cost, basic water detectors and install yourself, supplement with more sophisticated and interconnected system and appliance shut-offs, or opt to include a flood and water detection or alarm system configured into a whole home security system that can be monitored remotely.

Installing Flood Alarms and Water Detection Security Devices

Wireless water detection appliances are affordable and easy to install. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer you can easily set up one or a few strategically placed wireless detectors that will sound alarms when water interrupts the sensor mechanism. Standalone devices like these can be purchased from hardware stores for less than $30. If you add shut-offs to your water systems like appliances, hot water heater and pumps then expect to pay a few hundred dollars or more for these additions.

If you already have a monitored home security system you may already have water and flood detection, or you could opt to have it added as part of what may be called “critical systems monitoring.” If you’re considering a home security system think about the benefits of including water detection as part of the plan. Home security systems that include critical systems alarms may cost a few hundred dollars to install plus the fee for monthly monitoring.

When you think about beefing up the safety and security of your home, don’t neglect water and flood safety and the financial havoc such a disaster might wreak on your family.

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