Medical Alarms and Monitoring Services

Part of Your Home Security System or Safety Plan

What if someone in your home experienced a sudden medical emergency and was unable to call 911?

If an elderly person or someone with a medical condition lives in your home find out what types of medical alert and alarm systems are an option for you. Systems like these have taken a leap in popularity as devices have gone wireless and cost-to-implement has dropped.

Standalone Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems and wearable alarms are available separate from other types of home security systems. Many medical monitoring services and systems have come on the market in the last few years as the number of senior Americans living at home balloons.

Most systems may be installed by professionals, or if you’re industrious and handy you can purchase do-it-yourself kits. Most systems include a base station plus one or more wearable personal alert devices.

Home Security Medical Alarm Monitoring

In the event that you have a home security system installed and monitored by a leading security provider or are considering one, find out how you can include or add on a medical emergencies alarm system. Most of the leading security companies now offer medical alarm alert systems that may be quickly integrated with the rest of your home’s safety and security monitors.

Activate medical emergency alarms directly from a button on your home security systems main receiver or via a wearable alarm device. Cost for medical monitoring is usually in addition to security monitoring costs.

How Do Medical Alarms Work?

Most medical alert systems feature a base receiver station and one or more wearable personal alert devices. The wearable devices usually include an alarm button that when pushed activates the alarm monitoring system wirelessly. A call for help signal is sent to the monitoring company, which in turn calls an ambulance. Some systems allow you to engage in two-way conversation with a professional located at your monitoring company’s call center enabling you to tell them exactly what is happening if possible.

Medical Alarm Buying Tips

When you decide to buy a standalone medical alert system or include it as part of a home security system, use the following tips:

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