Home Security with Kids in Mind

What They Need to Know to Stay Safe

A big emphasis on home safety for kids is placed on education. But in many situations education alone doesn’t keep your kids secure and safe. They don’t have control over home invasion, weather hazards and in some cases even home safety hazards are out of their control. In situations like these it’s important you have safeguards in place, security devices and a warning system that can help kids get the help they need and fast.

Home security systems have become quite popular in recent years and for good reason—most let you subscribe to central alarm monitoring services that take the responsibility for notifying authorities out of your hands. Most basic systems at the very least include key anti-intrusion devices and detection systems, including window and door sensors, interior motion detectors and exterior signs warning of home security. But what further devices can help your children remain even safer from hazards beyond their control?

Home Security Devices that Help Protect Children

Since your home’s point of entries—doors and windows—pose the greatest threat to intrusion make sure you retrofit with tamperproof locking mechanisms. Some of the newest home security products let you keep kids safer:

Children and Home Security Systems

The advantage to a home security system is the available central monitoring that gives your family a reliable level of protection. But these systems require your children know how to use them in an emergency:

If you have a home security system and children are at home, the system can be useless unless children are acquainted with its devices and warning signals.

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