GE Home Security

Systems and Devices

For decades General Electric has been known for cutting edge technology. Its security subsidiary promises nothing less. GE Security delivers innovative high end products and devices designed for residential, corporate, industrial and military/government applications. These devices are employed by some of the best security systems providers in the country.

Before you dig deeper, keep in mind that these are performance security systems even on a residential level. GE manufactures most of its security devices to work wirelessly and integrate seamlessly with each other.

General Electric Security Pros

GE develops and manufactures its products, but when it comes to actual home security installation GE utilizes a worldwide network if GE Security Pros. These privately owned contractors specialize in GE systems and know everything you need to know about them.

Types of home systems available and features:

Wireless GE Security Devices

GE’s expansive list of add-on security devices lets you ramp up even a basic home security system:

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