Monitronics Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Versatile Residential Protection

Start your home security system with a basic and affordable Monitronics system and then customize at will. Monitronics calls this “design-it-yourself” services, a unique approach to personal home security needs in an industry where most home systems come in standard bundles.

Home Security Options that Closely Meet Your Needs

Unlike many of their competitors, Monitronics systems are easily customized to exactly match yours or your family’s needs:

Proprietary Two-Way Intercoms

Monitronics’ systems come with an innovative communications system built right in. Two-way, hands-free intercoms may be accessible in an emergency from multiple “stations” strategically installed throughout your home. In competitors’ systems you may have to be near the main keypad or a phone to have any type of communication with the monitoring center. Monitronics realized the shortcomings of such systems and added realistic devices.

Voice activated speakers let you also communicate the presence of any intruder with a special panic password no one but you knows about. You don’t have to scream “help!” Just say the password, your system will be disarmed BUT you will also have the assurance that police are already on the way.

Monitronics Alarm Monitoring

One of the most effective aspects of a home alarm system is the 24/7 monitoring. Make sure you place Monitronics company signage where it is visible outside your home. This deters inexperienced intruders and those that don’t want to risk the chances that they will be caught.

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