Wireless Home and Property Security

Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems

What if you want a totally portable security system for your home or property?

What if you don’t own your own home, but want the safety and security of a reliable home security system all the same?

Tattletale specializes in nothing but portable and wireless security systems that are just right for home, business and work site.

Alarm Monitoring for a Portable and Wireless Security System

Even though Tattletale’s system is a standalone product and completely portable, doesn’t mean you compromise any level of security. In fact you still get 24/7/365 alarm monitoring for a low monthly price.

How Tattletale Wireless, Portable Systems Work

So how exactly does a Tattletale security system work so effectively?

These top of the line devices are designed to deliver all the same alarm brawn as a hard-wired home system.

High performance alarm systems like Tattletale’s are designed to protect both business, property and home. Alarm monitoring services are state of the art and dispatched from a main U.L. licensed monitoring center, available 24/7 and 365 days a year. According to the company the main wireless alarm signal takes less than 6 seconds to be relayed to a Tattletale monitoring center where simultaneous emergency notifications are sent out: to you and to the proper authorities.

Unlike traditional home security companies, Tattletale products and systems are sold through distributors located nationwide. Because these systems are in high demand for construction work sites the devices are more rugged and resistant than most.

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